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Fishing Reports

Summer Deep Sea Fishing

Summer is finally here, and the fish are biting like crazy. Winds are south/southeast at 5-10 knots with about 1-2 foot seas, and the water temp is between 80-85 degrees. Everything from bonitas, king fish, mutton snappers, mangrove snappers, blackfin tunas and red grouper are finding our lines. This time of year is mangrove snapper … Read more

Winter is Finally Here

Well, winter is finally here! Several cold fronts have passed and brought the long awaited cool weather with them. I for one think that 8 months of summer is enough. It’s seemed like 8 months anyway. Associated with winter fronts is the appearance of several desired fish into South Florida waters. Spanish mackerel have been … Read more

Late Summer Fishing Report

Our summer fishing has been relatively close to what we’ve expected, with night action being the best. Nearly every night we’ve had great catches of predominantly mangrove snappers with yellowtails as well. Not only do you have the best opportunity to catch great eating fish, but to do so in the cooler temperatures of the … Read more

Signs of Fall Fishing in Miami

It’s a wonderful thing to wake up to low 70 degree temperatures! Although summertime is our busiest times, I’m thankful that the 90 degree days are just about done. The lower temperatures are a sign of fall, as well as other things that we fishermen can relate to. Right on schedule, the finger mullet showed … Read more

The Night Bite Is On!

Summer night fishing is in FULL SWING aboard the Reward Fleet’s “Another Reward” docked at Miami Beach Marina in South Beach. Every night of the week setting sail at 8pm, returning at 12:30am in search of the yellowtail and mangrove snappers that are biting great right now. We provide 20 lb test spinning tackle to … Read more

Fall Winter Fishing Report

The fall/winter season has been a productive one on the Reward Fleet! Unlike last year, sailfish showed up early in good numbers and still are being caught on a daily basis. King mackerel, on the other hand, have been inconsistent. It seems that every time they show up, the porpoise are right with them! I … Read more

Vertical Jig Trip Records

We are now keeping records of the biggest fish of each species caught aboard the Reward Won during our Jigging Trips.  The list will be updated and available online.  The initial list contains all documented catches we have on record to date.  In the case of the Amberjack, for instance, we know multiple large fish … Read more

Winter Fishing Report

Fall is creeping up on us, that’s for sure! The last two mornings have had temperatures nearly 10 degrees less than previous days. Those cooling winds will cool the water, and that will signal many good things for fishermen of South Florida. About two weeks ago we had an early mullet run which brought excitement … Read more

Fall Report

I’m happy to say that this past summer season we have taken more people fishing than any other summer period in the last 10 years! It’s refreshing to know that what we do is still enjoyed by many. There has been consistent daytime fishing, with a recent showing of plenty of red groupers on the … Read more

Jig Trip Newbies: Bonito Bonanza

The Reward Won set out of Bayside’s MiaMarina with 10 anglers into rainy and windy conditions early Saturday morning with no bait, just vertical jigs.  The current made jigging deeper spots for bottom fish difficult, but the mid-water column bite was hot.  Bonitos in the 10-15lb class ate jigs readily, and at times 5 and … Read more