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Winter Jigging

Grouper season has closed, and we have shifted focus from working the bottom to jigging the entire water column.  This requires lightening up on the gear to be able jig longer, with less effort. Trolling small feathers and finding birds working in 400-500’ of water is a good way to locate black fin tuna, especially … Read more

Headboat Habits

Cool weather has finally come to town, at least for a while anyway. Fishing in general has been erratic at best. We had a few nice trips catching kingfish, only to have them disappear. Normally kings are a staple for us as well as other coastal fishermen in South Florida. It’s fairly easy to predict … Read more

New Year’s Report

Headboat Habits Hey fishermen! I hope everybody has had a good fall, and ready for the winter blast, not only of cold weather, but of great fishing to come. Hopefully, our weather patterns may have finally changed somewhat. I don’t know about you, but we on the Reward Fleet are tired of several things that … Read more