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April Report

This past month or so we’ve had unusually warm weather, which I’m sure has contributed to the inconsistent fishing. There are however, some good things happening as we speak.

The full moon period of April can produce great fishing for South Florida. This past week has shown signs of big kingfish around, with several over 20 lbs caught. Hopefully this will precede a full blown run of big fish soon. Historically this is a late spring event.

Sailfishing this week has finally peaked as well. This has been the slowest sailfish winter we’ve had in many years, so their daily appearance has been a welcome one.

Amberjacks have shown up on many of our offshore wrecks in better numbers than I’ve seen in recent years. In my opinion, over 10 years ago the commercial fishing pressure on these fish contributed to their near disappearance. I hope that it doesn’t happen again! Amberjacks are one of the best fish for our customers to experience. And, it’s not necessary to kill them all, as it doesn’t take many of them to provide fresh fish for your anglers. Some of the jacks we’ve caught and released were in the 50 to 60 lb range! Many of these were caught on live pinfish and heavy tackle, others with vertical jigs and braided line on some really cool rods and reels. These new generation outfits can catch a big jack just as fast as the old school heavy bottom rods, and give an incredible fight in the process! Check out the You Tube videos on our Face Book page” Reward Fishing Fleet”.

May 1st was the opening day of vermillion snapper season. We have been able to catch some, but prevailing strong north currents are making it hard to fish for them in the deeper water that they are in. We hope they move back into shallow water soon!

April 1st is opening day of grouper season, a much awaited day! We have caught and released many nice black and gag groupers, with two warsaws as well. Undoubtedly the closure is working. Success stories in fishery management need to be recognized, and the efforts applauded! The Reward Won has scheduled 3 “Super Grouper” trips in the first week. These trips may be full by the time you read this. Call the Reward office for possible cancellations.

The night fishing is also improving, with many nights producing near limits of yellow tail snappers, and some big muttons to boot! Bring a 20 lb spinning rod, and a30 lb conventional rod to cover the options.

We at the Reward Fishing Fleet are proud to announce that we are partnering with the Fishing And Conservation Trust and Sea Grant to offer a 5 day educational fishing camp out of Bayside Marina on the 56 foot “Reward Won”. Our goal is to teach the kids proper techniques and and ethical angling concepts, enough so that they will want to fish, and enjoy fishing with friends and family in the future. See our ad on this page, and get your kids signed up early for a discount!

Captain Wayne Conn