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Signs of Fall Fishing in Miami

It’s a wonderful thing to wake up to low 70 degree temperatures! Although summertime is our busiest times, I’m thankful that the 90 degree days are just about done. The lower temperatures are a sign of fall, as well as other things that we fishermen can relate to. Right on schedule, the finger mullet showed up in Broward and Dade inshore as well as coastal waters. Tarpon, snook and jack crevalle have been tearing them up in the Intercostal Waterway and along the beaches. Casting topwater lures into these frenzies is a major rush! Although daybreak is the magic hour, anytime the bait are balled up is the cue that predators are near, and hungry.

A very welcome sign of a good fall fishing season is the recent appearance of small “snake” kingfish off Miami Beach. On Sunday morning we caught about 20, of which a dozen or so were under the 24inch fork length minimum. These are great fish for party boat fishermen, as they aren’t too picky on what they will eat, and everybody on board has a great chance of action. We are using whole sardines, ballyhoo, or smelt a 3 hook rig with ½ to 4 ounce egg sinkers sliding above them. Jigging for them is probably the most fun and productive way to catch kingfish. Any vertical jig, spoon, or other jig that gets down 30 to 40 feet will work. The technique is to drop it deep, then whip the rod while reeling as fast as you can. You can’t get a jig away from them when they want it.

In the last few days we also have seen some nice Spanish Mackerel being caught on the lures trolled behind the “Another Reward” on the way out and back. Almost anything trolled will catch them, but diving plugs and spoons trolled at about 7 to 8 knots will really do the trick.

Night fishing has been good as well, with mixed catches of yellowtail, mangrove, and mutton snappers with small bluefish and blue runners as well.

Give us a call at Reward Headquarters at 305-372-9470 for reservations and updates on special all day or vertical jigging trips.

This is a GREAT time to fish on our party boats. On top of gorgeous weather, it is our slow season, and many times we only go out with the 10 passenger minimum. That gives everybody plenty of room and a great opportunity to have good action!

Captain Wayne Conn