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The Night Bite Is On!

Summer night fishing is in FULL SWING aboard the Reward Fleet’s “Another Reward” docked at Miami Beach Marina in South Beach. Every night of the week setting sail at 8pm, returning at 12:30am in search of the yellowtail and mangrove snappers that are biting great right now.

We provide 20 lb test spinning tackle to rent if you don’t have something similar of your own to bring. We also provide all the terminal tackle needed, included Eagle Claw circle hooks. We’ve recently discovered that using light line and leaders with small circle hooks can increase our catch, and better yet, allow us to release the unwanted fish in the best condition so as to survive.

The best bait has been pieces of smelt and sardines. There are two options on how to fish. One is to fish with a super light weight and let it drop slowly with the current away from the boat, the other is to fish a heavier lead, hit the bottom, bring it up a bit and wait for that first tap. Setting the hook is not necessary with circle hooks. A short delay while dropping your rod slightly will give the biting fish enough time to take the bait and hook into it’s mouth. “Just turn the handle!” is all you need to do after that.

Since we anchor fish at night, at times the lines will go straight off the back or stern of the boat. This can create a situation that allows only the stern anglers to have the best opportunity to catch fish if chumming is done on the surface only. In striving to get our whole boat into the fish, we chum with weighted bags in the bow to bring the fish within reach to all anglers!

If you’ve never tried this type of fishing, now is the time. Fishing at night gets you out of the heat of the day, and gives you a great chance to bring home some of the best eating fish possible.

Call the Reward office at 305 3729470 to make a reservation. Friend us out on Facebook at “Reward Fishing Fleet” and get a special discount on select trips!