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Specialty Fishing Trips in Miami & South Beach

Unique fishing trips tailored to accommodate a variety of special interests

If you’re looking for something different from our daily fishing trips, we offer specialty fishing trips that’s tailored to special interests and intermediate and advanced skill levels. We’ll help you find the right spot and the right bait, so you get a chance to haul in the catch of your life! Our specialty fishing trips are distinctive in offering:

  • Captains and mates who are tournament trained and accomplished in saltwater fishing
  • Unique fishing experiences unavailable elsewhere
  • Fishing trips based on seasonal fish
  • All day fishing trips (up to 12 hours)
  • Fishing trips focused on various fishing styles

We also host customized fishing trips such as:

  • Bachelor Party Fishing Trips
  • Corporate Group Fishing Trips
  • Kid Friendly Fishing Trips

 We also Host a Variety of One-of-a-kind Fishing Experiences:

Super Grouper Specialty Fishing Trip

Don’t miss our Super Grouper trips for the opening of Grouper season on May 1st!

One of our most popular trips, our grouper fishing trips are seasonal experiences that will give you the thrill of hooking into a trophy grouper with an experienced crew. Our super group fishing trips offer:

  • Limited passengers
  • Vertical jigging
  • Live bait fishing
  • Tackle available
  • $125-150 per person

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Note: *Specialty trip reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. 

Iron Man Specialty Fishing Trip

Our most popular specialty fishing trip and back by popular demand, the “Ironman” trip is exactly that! Get a good night’s sleep before fishing this one. With a duration of 11 to 12 hours (depending on daylight savings time), we will stretch our legs to fish from the offshore rips to the wrecks and ledges of the upper keys. 

  • Trolling, drifting, kite fishing, vertical jigging, or anchoring may be the theme at any portion of this trip. 
  • Features of our Iron Man Fishing Trips:
  • 11-12 hour duration (dependant on daylight savings time)
  • Departure time varies from 5-6 AM
  • Return times no earlier than 5:30 PM
  • Includes additional mate on board to maintain our excellent standard of service
  • Variety of fishing styles: Trolling, drifting, kite fishing, vertical jigging, or anchoring
  • No additional charge for live bait, special hooks, lead or leaders
  • Limit to 4 outfits if bringing your own equipment
  • Groups limited to 20 people
  • Trip Cost: $125 per person (tips not included)

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Note: *Specialty trip reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. 

Vertical Jigging Specialty Fishing Trip

Bring your braided line and jigging outfits with a box full of vertical jigs and join the growing number of amazing fishermen that have experienced our special “vertical jigging” trips!

This style of fishing is precise. We stop the boat over a wreck or ledge, in 100 to 450 feet of water. The anglers then drop vertical or “butterfly” jigs to the bottom, working them upward at whatever speed they like. If we don’t have a bite within five minutes or so, we quickly move to another spot. This means we’ll find amazing fish everywhere we go! Prepare yourself for a serious work out: these are some of the fish you may spot on our vertical jigging trips:

  • Black groupers
  • Gag groupers
  • Warsaw Groupers
  • Amberjacks
  • Almaco jacks
  • Wahoo
  • Big Bonita
  • Blackfin tuna
  • Kingfish
  • And more!

About our Vertical Jigging Trips:

  • Departure times vary from 5-6AM
  • Return times between 1-4 PM (dependent on afternoon bookings)
  • Minimum 6+ Hour Duration
  • 20+ Different Locations
  • FREE quality jigging outfits provided if you don’t have your own
  • Jigs provided as needed at cost
  • Please mention your needs while reserving your spots
  • $100 per person for a 6 hour trip with 12 passengers booked
  • $125 per person for an 8 hour (up to 10 hour) trip, 12 passengers booked

*Tips are not included

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Note: *Specialty trip reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.