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What to Expect

What to expect from your Miami fishing charter trip

On the Reward Fishing Fleet, we care about you, our valuable customer. In an effort to make your trip the best it can be, we’d like to give you some information before boarding.


  • Wear whatever clothing is appropriate for the weather of the day.
  • Rubber soled shoes are preferred 
  • No high heels or flip flops please.
  • Sunscreen is recommended, as well as a hat or visor. 
  • Long sleeve outdoor shirts will help ward off the sun.

Motion Sickness

  • If you have an issue with motion sickness, please take medications at least one hour prior to departure. 
  • Calling in the night before for our predictions of sea conditions, as well as checking local weather forecasts will have you properly informed.

Fishing Spot Requests

  • Any spot we place you in is a good fishing spot. However, we will make the best effort to position you on the boat as per your request. 
  • Please make these wishes known in advance while making your reservation
  • Arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to departure time to secure the spot you requested

Fishing Equipment

  • You will be given a rod and reel with an appropriate rig of your choice. Please ask the mate what the best options are.
  • All tackle (hooks, leader, weights) are provided as needed, free of charge.
  • We will instruct you on how to use the equipment properly. Backlashes can slow your fishing down! If you have an issue, we will cheerfully fix it for you.
  • LIVE BAIT – Although we may have live bait on board for every trip, we cannot possibly use it on every line, depending on how many fishermen we have for that trip. We will however, put out additional rods and reels with live bait to give an additional opportunity for a trophy fish. If you have an interest in catching a trophy fish, please inform your mate so as to give you the best chance.
  • We never charge for cleaning your catch. This is a service that we happily provide.
  • Fish cleaning available for a small fee.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Fishing Charters

How Long Does a Fishing Charter Last?

Our fishing trips are approximately 4 hours in duration, with 8 hour trips on select dates. For all day fishing trips, take a look at our specialty fishing trips.

Do You Tip the Captain and First Mate on a Fishing Charter?

Yes. If there is one guarantee we have, we guarantee great service on our fishing trips. Please take into consideration how busy the boat is, how you are treated and to what extent the crew tried to catch you fish while deciding on how much to tip. Please let us know how your trip went, so we may keep improving!

What Should You Not Do While Fishing?

In most cases on our fishing charters, you will not be baiting your own hook. Our crew will be at your side as quickly as possible to bait your hooks and get you back fishing. In situations where we are using small cut bait, we will show you how to bait your hook, and provide a bucket of clean water nearby to rinse your hands.

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TRip Cost

  • Call us for the latest pricing info 305-372-9470
  • Equipment: If you bring your own equipment, please limit to 4 outfits. Some outfits will be available at no additional charge. Also, there is no additional cost for special hooks, leads or leaders.